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I believe that telling stories is one of the best ways to connect and heal the world.

One of my greatest passions is taking on new and exciting formats, platforms and mediums finding innovative ways to tell stories in a way that's never been done before. I am passionate about telling stories on all mediums from ARGs, Social Media, traditional entertainment, immersive theater, VR to videogames and anything else exciting that the future may hold.

Most recently, I adapted Romeo & Juliet to instagram with Buzzfeed, as a modern queer retelling of the classic tale. Each character had their own instagram account and posted in real time, posting on the grid, stories and commenting on each other's posts. I also designed and executed a successful ARG (Alternate Reality Game) campaign embedded into the campaign, which encouraged exploration and community-based thinking in the audience.

The show played out live on the platform for two weeks, racking up over 20,000 followers per account, achieving record-breaking levels of engagement and connecting with an entirely new, younger audience demographic (ages 11 to 17) previously unreached by Buzzfeed.


I have also spent over three years at Buzzfeed creating hundreds of pieces of content and doing what fills my nerdy heart with joy: finding innovative ways to tell stories that are engaging, relatable and interactive. Through the years, I've cracked new successful formats for Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. I've developed choose your own adventure games for snapchat, co-developed the DIY lifestyle brand NIFTY for Facebook, and much more.


While I am first and foremost a writer and producer, I also have an eye for good design and have extensive experience in illustration, graphic design, animation and editing, which means I can see all the moving parts and pieces in one big picture.


I'm always looking for my next big adventure, whatever the format, style or platform! 

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